Company Information
This option allows you to add and make changes to your company address, phone and fax.  It also allows you to customize various program options.
County Assessors
This option allows you to add and make changes to the county database that is provided with Forms571.  The county database contains specific information such as the assessor's name, title, address, due dates and more.  This information prints at the top of the first page of the 571 form.  See also: County Assessors
Tax Preparers
This option allows you to add and make changes to the tax preparer database.  The tax preparer database holds information that you enter about the tax preparers in your office such as; name, title, address,taxid and phone number.  This information prints at the bottom of the first page of the 571 form. See also: Tax Preparers
Select a Tax Form Year
This option allows you to reprint prior year forms back to Form Year 2010 (tax year 2009). There was a major change made in the forms in 2010.  In order to print forms prior to 2010 you have to load a copy of the 2009 or earlier version of the progam.
Validate Data Files
Select this option to validate your data files after an unexpected program termination or if you suspect any problem at all.  The program will analyze the files and attempt to repair any damage that may have occurred.
If the data files cannot be repaired using this option it may be necessary for you to restore the files from your most recent backup.
Clear Log File
All unexpected errors that occur during the execution of Forms571 are logged.  If you select the print button an Error Report will be printed and the log will be cleared.  Please mail or fax the Error Report to County Software.
If there have not been any errors since the program was installed or since last time the log was cleared, this file will be empty.
Print Order Form
Choose this option to print an order form that you can use to purchase your copy of Forms571. See Printing an Order Form for more information.