How do I edit the Extended Due Date field before using the "Print Cover Letter with Extended Due Date" option?
The "Extended Due Date" is stored in the County Assessors table.  To edit this field, choose Tools - County Assessors from the main menu.  Click on the name to select the county you wish to edit and then click on the Edit tab located directly across from the County Tab.   Make your changes to the "Extension Month Day" field.  Save your changes before closing the window.
I've noticed that "Page 1" of the forms generated by Forms571 does not match exactly with the forms distributed by each of the county assessors offices.  Why is this?
There are currently 58 counties in California and each one of them has tailored page 1 of the original 571 form to suit their purposes.  There is no standardization among the counties.  Therefore page 1 of the county's original 571 form must be signed and returned with the output generated by the Forms571 program as an attachment.  The counties require the return of their originals because having their preprinted information readily available reduces their workload.  In order to keep the cost of our package affordable we have chosen not to customize the the forms for each county.
Once the data is entered in the program is it proforma's or saved from year to year?
Yes, once the data is entered it is retained and will 'proforma' or 'roll forward' each year.  Thus after setting up historical data the first year, the input effort in subsequent years should be minimal.  This depends, of course, upon the number of changes your clients make each year.
My client lost the 571 form that was sent to them by the county assessor.  How can I print a blank 571 form? 
Although Forms571 does print blank forms (see Printing Forms) , it is strongly recommended that you contact the county assessor and ask them to send an original 571 replacement form for your client.  See Submit County's Original Page 1
How do I edit the cover letter?
For step-by-step instructions see the topic: Printing Cover Letters
How come I can not permanently change the cover letter so I do not have to change it each time I print it for each client?
This is not currently a feature of Forms571.
Hint: To save time when making the same changes to multiple cover letters, after making  the changes on the display to first cover letter, highlight the changed text, copy it to the clipboard, and paste it into the next client's letter when you open it.
Whenever I print a Form 571 the word "DEMO" is appearing all over the form how do I fix that?
The word "DEMO" should only print on the forms generated by an unlicensed trial version of the Forms571 program.   For more info see Licensing Forms571.
If you have already paid for the program then the either the license has expired or the license number was inadvertently erased or changed.  You must re-enter the company name and the license number originally sent to you when you purchased the program.  If you cannot find your license number or the original license number no longer works please contact us and we will provide a new license number. 
If you have not paid for the program yet please see the topic: Printing an Order Form. Upon receipt of the order form a license key will be emailed or faxed to you that will fully enable your program.
How long has County Software been in business?
County software started in 1996 and has been in business ever since.  Our office is open regular business hours during the months of January through May but only part time from June through December each year.
I have the Forms571 program installed on several local c: drives.  How can I combine the client data files from these hard drives?
You can not combine the data files but County Software can.  For a flat fee of $65 (no matter how many data sets need to be merged) we will merge your client data files for you. 
Please send us the following data files:
      All of the files only (not the folder called 'empty') in the \forms571\dbf folder
The first file name should be 571.dbc and the last file name should be suppltmp.dbf.  Copy these files to a floppy or email them to us at    We will return your merged files within 3 business days and invoice you $65 for the service performed.
What is the difference between the Demo program and the actual program?
The only difference between them are the words "DEMO" printed on all of the reports generated by the program.  You can enter all your data, print out some forms and get a feel for the software.  When you decide to purchase go to Printing an Order Form for instructions.  Upon receipt of the order form a license key will be faxed or emailed to you that will fully enable your program.  You will not have to wait for any additional software you already have everything you need!
Why are some or all of my clients missing from the Batch Printing screen?
The Batch Printing screen only includes locations that have been updated during the current tax year. A client location is updated the first time you open the form after installing the annual update. To open the form select a client in the Client List screen by clicking on the client, choosing the location, and then clicking on the 571 button.

If you prefer to update all locations at once without opening them first you can run the Version 22 Update tool which is included on the CD. The file is named Vers22upd.exe. To download this file from our website please contact technical support for assistance.
Why is my County Assessor file not reflecting the most recent Assessor information?
The annual update includes updates to the County Assessor information as published on the California State Board of Equalization website just prior to the program release data.
However we do not automatically install the updated Assessor file in order to protect any customizations you may have made to it.
To overwrite your current County Assessor file with the one current to the date above follow these easy steps:
   1. Click Help - About on the tool bar in the application.
   2. Note the Program Path.
   3. Close the application and make sure no one else has the application open.
   4. Delete these two files from the Program Path: County.dbf and County.cdx.
   5. Enter the application again. The County database files will be restored from the information stored within the application.
Why am I not able to print prior year forms earlier than 2010 any longer?
The Tax forms changed significantly between the 2009 and the 2010 version (2008 and 2009 tax years). It is because of these changes that we can no longer offer the capability of printing prior year forms prior to 2010 (tax year 2009).
We recommend that you keep full backups of your data and the corresponding Forms571 program for each year.  In order to print 2009 forms you will have to load out the 2009 version of Forms571