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Software Features - More Reasons to Purchase Forms571

Forms571 is a network ready, multi-user application. You can share clients' data among all of your network users by installing it on each workstation and then sharing a copy of the files. See online help or our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on how to setup Forms571 on a network.

  • Data "rolls-forward" to the next year without manual intervention
  • Re-print forms from prior years
  • Form 571-L can be printed in Landscape mode
  • Share-able, only one license need be purchased and data can be shared among all co-workers in the same office
  • Prints cover letters and blank forms
  • Prints letters to the County Assessor asking for extensions
  • Form cover letter text can be overridden before printing
  • Batch printing capability allows you to select multiple forms to print unattended
  • Work-flow tracking, track the date work came, who it was assigned to and the date and the date of completion
  • Print a list of Clients showing work-flow dates and assignments

The forms generated by Forms571 , are approved by the State Board of Equalization (the state governing agency) and are accepted as an attachment to any of the 58 individual County Assessor's (the local filing agency) forms.

California law requires businesses each year to file a Business or Agricultural Property Statement. The statement is a declaration of cost and other related information pertaining to all property owned by the business as of 12:01 AM on January 1st of each year. The Forms 571-L and 571-A require that property be listed according to the year it was acquired as far back as 1979. Every year data from the previous tax form must be hand-copied or “rolled forward” to the current tax form and filed along with any new acquisitions for the current year. Each year as a business grows, acquiring additional property, the reporting requirements become more and more time-consuming and tedious.


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