Forms571 makes a distinction between clients and locations.  It maintains a single record that contains information that is unique to a client, such as the owners name and the clients FEINSee Adding a Client for information on how to add a client to your database.
A client has one or more locations.  Each location has its own 571.  Forms571 stores information about each location separately and shares the client information among the locations.  This means you only have to enter information about a client one time when you add them to your database.  From then on it uses that information to print forms for each of the clients locations.
[Note: all locations entered for a single client must share the same tax identification number; either the federal employer identification number (FEIN) or a social security number (SSN).]
For instance, ABC Widgets maintains an office at 123 State Street in Santa Barbara, California.  They have property locations there, in Goleta and in Carpinteria.  The user would enter the information for their State Street location one time and Forms571 would use it to print the statements for that location, the one in Goleta and the one in Carpinteria.  It would not have to be entered for each location.
See also: Selecting a Form